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Pro Wrestler Nearly Falls From Forklift
Jul 20,2016

During a Wrestling match between Brock Lesnar and Big Show, a forklift was brought near the ring. If you’re not a WWE fan please continue to read because there is a valuable forklift safety lesson here. After the star studded altercation, Big Show was knocked unconscious in typical WWE fashion with a flying clothes line, some kicks to abdomen, and a final body slam. At which point his massive 441lb body was rolled on to the pallet of the waiting forklift. All in all quite entertaining for the attendees, but this is where the safety comes in. Big Show was now an unsecured load on the pallet. Load safety 101 states that the bulk of your load should be at the load back rest or at least centered on the pallet. The 2nd violation is that personnel shall only be moved on forks if they are in a OHSA/ANSI approved man basket. Mr. Lesnar continued his flagrant forklift violations by operating the forklift without a seatbelt and turning with a raised load. Mr. Lesnar, forklifts are not toys. He should be required to complete an All Pro Toyota Forklift Safety Course before being able to operate a forklift again. Don’t be a fool, go to forklift safety school.

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