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Forklift Takes Loo To New Heights
Aug 25,2016

(From NEWSER) – A forklift moved a portable toilet across the grounds of an English festival yesterday—notable only for the fact there was a woman stuck in the loo the entire time, the BBC reports. \"I think she was suffering from a bit of shock or she thought she had been teleported\" when she exited in an entirely new location, says one official at the Newlyn Fish Festival in Cornwall. The woman wasn\'t hurt and was un-blued from the Toilet Chem. The director of the portable toilet company tells the BBC it\'s a surprisingly easy mistake for forklift operators to make. \"It does happen quite a bit to be honest,\" he says. \"I\'ve done it a few times.\" **** All Pro Comment: Is it normal to here screams coming from a porta potty when you move them in England? Although the English are known for dealing with adversity stoically. \"I say there Chap, would you mind putting the loo down. Its a bit inconvenient to do my business while traveling across a field. Chip Chip Cheerio and Thank you Sah!\" *****

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