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Forklift Saves
Aug 02,2017

Bergen, N.Y. Two drivers suffered serious injuries in a crash on the interstate. After being struck, one of the cars burst into flames and slid off the road with the female occupant knocked on conscious. Two men who were making a delivery for a local lumber company watch the events unfold across the street. As the woman’s automobile slid into a grassy field careening to a stop, the men rushed into action. Both workers rushed over to the woman’s car to give aid. They attempted to extract her from the flaming car but the car’s door was pinned to the ground due to the impact of the crash. Thinking on his feet, Ross Gingrich, one of the workers, rushed back and started his forklift. Mr. Gingrich drove his forklift to the car and gentle raised the car off the ground while the other worker forced the door open. Mr. Gingrich then used his knife to cut the seat belt of the unconscious women and rendered comfort while 1st responders were contacted. . When 1st responders arrived, they extinguished the flames, and woman was revived. She and the other driver of the other car are expected to make a full recovery. Mr. Gingrich even stayed to help emergency crews clean up the accident site.

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