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Battery Do's & Dont's
Sep 04,2018

Forklift batteries are safe, convenient, economical, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. They are the most cost effective solution for your business. Used properly, electric forklifts can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating and maintenance costs. A company, who cares for their batteries properly, will see an increase in fleet performance and a healthier employee environment. The healthier work environment is due to the absence of noise and combustion engine pollutants. Below are the Do’s and Don’ts of forklift battery maintenance. Do’s and Don’t’s • Do Equalize charge your battery every 6th charge • Do charge each battery at the end of an 8 hour shift or if discharged more than 30%. • Do water your batteries after charging. • Don’t over-discharge your battery beyond 80%. This will reduce the life expectancy of the battery. • Don’t let a discharged battery sit for an extended periods of time. This will promote hard sulphation and significantly reduce its run time. • Don’t opportunity charge (i.e. charging during lunch breaks) this shortens battery life by half. • Don’ t unnecessarily interrupt a charge cycle. Once a charge has started, allow it to finish. WAIT!!!! Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a new battery. Let All Pro Restore that old battery as good as new! Call Us Today!! 907-338-5438

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