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Forklift Saves
Aug 02,2017

Bergen, N.Y. Two drivers suffered serious injuries in a crash on the interstate. After being struck, one of the cars burst into flames and slid off the road with the female occupant knocked on conscio....

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Forklift Takes Loo To New Heights
Aug 25,2016

(From NEWSER) – A forklift moved a portable toilet across the grounds of an English festival yesterday—notable only for the fact there was a woman stuck in the loo the entire time, the BBC repor....

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Pro Wrestler Nearly Falls From Forklift
Jul 20,2016

During a Wrestling match between Brock Lesnar and Big Show, a forklift was brought near the ring. If you’re not a WWE fan please continue to read because there is a valuable forklift safety lesson h....

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Michigan Running Back Run Over by Forklift
Jul 12,2016

Michigan running back Drake Johnson was run over by a forklift in a bizarre accident last month at the Wolverines\' indoor track building, according to reports Tuesday. The Detroit Free Press and Det....

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Toyota Forklift Creates Educational App
Jul 06,2016

Toyota Forklift creates gaming app to educate customers about Toyota\'s Exclusive SAS or System of Active Stability. Toyota Forklift\'s safety systems are second to none and now you can learn about th....

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